Pacific Rim Typhoon cosplay by BrooklynRobotWorks

I like Typhoon weapon, but it is not with this stunning cosplay.

Construction time:  550 hours        

Parts Acquisition:  10 months        

Weight:  152 lbs.

Some of his more interesting parts…
2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types),  53 toy truck wheels,  2 business card holders,  hockey helmet,
2 plungers,  rotating lawn sprinkler,  4 egg slicers,  4 ice scrapers,  4 ladles,  4 slotted spoons,  camping thermos,
toilet flush valve,  8 ice skate blade guards (2 types),  2 baseball throat guards,  trashcan foot pedal,
2 spoon draincups,  2 blender bases,  4 hair cutter spacers,  2 kneepads,  thermos base,  ski goggles,
football shoulder pads,  6 shinguards (3 types),  2 hockey leg guards,  wall outlet plate,  3 vitamin cases
(2 types),  3 manicure bowls,  3 doorknob wall guards,  hand towel holder,  4 bicycle splashguards
(2 types),  25 turnbuckles,  corner paint applicator,  slotted ladle,  2 faucet strainers,  paper towel holder,
3 screen door latches,  handheld spotlight,  2 flashlights,  closet pole mounts,  lots of bottlecaps,
lots of knobs & pull handles,  lots and lots of plastic from trashcans,  buckets & food containers

152 lbs?!

that’s like carrying me around! Impressive!

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where my new gang Pac Rim AUs at

What punk photoshoot???
- Anonymous



this and that

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Where can you find Pacific Rim OTP prompts?
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Hmm, I don’t know any tumblr blogs, but have you tried pacific rim kink meme?

btw that latest yancy confession (to which i relate) was by the wonderful fleuriens, whom I really love and I urge you to follow her flawless blog

now the whole world knows how you feel about yancy

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Fun fact: when I created this blog, I had no idea what icon I should use and it was also 4am so I just painted a kawaii blushu on Coyote Tango and added neko ears, telling myself that I’d change it in the morning.

Of course I didn’t, and I doubt I ever will